Most issues, such as those involving pain, trauma, and emotion, respond immediately to bioenergetic correction with Quantum Techniques. More complex issues involving autoimmune process or chronic illness with pathological tissue and biological agents take longer to resolve. An example would be a person with a massive fungal infection and gut dysbiosis with hidden virus and parasites. This client will need to avoid certain foods and take a supplement or two to help clear the fungus, virus and parasites along with reading the Quantum Techniques code. It will take the body time to get rid of the pathogens and rebuild the gut lining. However, even individuals with chronic conditions, typically feel a significant shift after their first session.

We know that Quantum Techniques is highly effective. Therefore, we will do an evaluation and suggest a bioenergetic correction for your issue and let you experience the results overnight. If you do not believe, after overnight reflection, that you are dramatically better or that your chronic condition will benefit greatly from this work, we will fully refund your initial fee. This is a one-time guarantee and you must make this determination within 24 hours of your first session. A request for refund must be submitted to your practitioner in writing to their email address.  If you choose to continue sessions, no refund will be available.  If you choose to request a refund, there will be no additional sessions provided to you the client.  

Many issues, such as trauma, never return after treatment with Quantum Techniques. Other treatment issues, such as chronic anxiety, chronic depression, chronic pain, are susceptible to having the treatments erased by an energy toxin such as a toxic food, a virus, or bacteria. That is why they are chronic issues. Even these chronic issues can be completely healed using Quantum Techniques. Typically a person must avoid the toxic substances for a period of time during their healing.