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We are excited to announce a new service from Quantum Techniques! We have a wide variety of training and expertise in our group of practitioners. Formal training runs from school and clinical psychologists, chiropractor, acupuncturist, body worker, nutritionist and hypnotherapist, to post doctoral training in psychopharmacology. In addition, many on our team have studied various other healing modalities and have powerful healing stories of their own.

We are modeling our QT Roundtable on the model of the Mayo Clinic. Ongoing Quantum Techniques clients who are feeling blocked, or not healing as quickly as they like may ask their primary practitioner to submit their case for a round table discussion.

We need a two to three page history of the issues you are looking for assistance with and the history of your QT treatment thus far (how long have you been doing QT, what has been helpful or not helpful, what changes have you noticed up to the present day, etc.). Additionally, we request a photo of you, the QT client (preferably, via email). The client and practitioner can choose three other practitioners from our group to be present, along with their personal practitioner, for the round table discussion.

The QT practitioners will review the case history prior to the roundtable and then do a 30 minute group scan and discussion of the case. This discussion will be recorded; then a link will be emailed to you so that you can hear the actual discussion and findings. The primary practitioner is responsible to go over the findings with you and to incorporate the findings into your healing plan.

On the day of the roundtable scan and discussion we will ask you to wear a blood sample all day to facilitate our group scanning process. We will charge a flat fee of $300 for the roundtable service. We currently hold a roundtable every other week, but can increase the frequency as needed.

Blessings on your healing journey, Stephen and Beth Daniel

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