Relationship Healing Teleclinics

This is a set of the Quantum Techniques Advanced Teleclinic Series on Protocol for Bringing Healing to your Relationship. It contains all 4 parts of the Protocol for Bringing Healing to your Relationship series, as well as the outline guide for each teleclinic.
Included in this series:
  • Part 1 - How to release trauma and unforgiveness from your relationship.  An exercise called "Bullseye" is given, which teaches you how to be successful in giving and receiving love in your relationships.
  • Part 2 - Additional information on loves Bullseyes as well as how to deal with hidden vows and sacred cows in your relationship.
  • Part 3 - An approach to intimacy (three primary needs): closeness, space, and playfulness.
  • Part 4 - Address how to heal, control and empower needs in a relationship as well as skills for healthy listening and healing confrontation.
Part 1 Recorded: September 29th, 2009     Duration: 75 Minutes     Transcript Included: 22 Pages
Part 2 Recorded: October 27th, 2009     Duration: 69 Minutes     Transcript Included: 19 Pages
Part 3 Recorded: November 3rd, 2009     Duration: 85 Minutes     Transcript Included: 24 Pages
Part 4 Recorded: November 24th, 2009     Duration: 77 Minutes     Transcript Included: 21 Pages