Understanding Spiritual Attachments and Other Non-Physical Attachments Out of Existence Teleclinics. This teleclinic, taught by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, uses recent understandings and techniques developed out of the integration of Quantum Techniques with spiritual consciousness work.  
The Daniels will define the terms “spiritual attachment” and “non-physical attachment” as they are used with clients in Quantum Techniques.    You will learn how the correct understanding and awareness of “attachments” protects you from them.  Every “attachment” comes through an “open door” in your life, past or present. “ Open doors” always involve some unhealed issue in your life and include a lie.  You will learn how to find common “open doors” in yourself or others and how to close them.  The Truth is that dark forces’ only power is deception and creating a fear state.   
This teleclinic will teach you specific ways to bring in the Light to clear the “attachments.”  This may also involve taking action in your life today.  The presence of “attachments” reminds us to pay attention to something Higher and live in the Present Moment in gratitude. 
The truth is you can have no “attachments” to your True Self; only to some aspect of your false self.
In Part 2, Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel elaborate on concepts discussed in Part 1 and answering questions that came in from listeners, on this topic. There's  a live demonstration with a client of how to find and clear spiritual or nonphysical attachments.   
Part 1 Recorded: August 6, 2013     Duration: 70 Minutes     Transcript Included: 29 Pages
Part 2 Recorded: August 13, 2013     Duration: 80 Minutes     Transcript Included: 37 Pages