Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel host this two part teleclinic series on the spirituality and consciousness of miraculous and "permanent" healings. You do not need to know how to muscle test or perform Quantum Techniques or EFT to benefit from this teleclinic series. Cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD has shown that 95% of us come into this world with good DNA. Whether we code for disease or health depends on whether we perceive the environment as safe and loving or hostile and dangerous. When you combine this truth with consciousness teaching, you realize that as long as we identify with any thing, any person, or any position outside of this moment and outside of our true selves, we will live in fear and therefore suffer. If this series doesn't cause you some discomfort or shock, or cause you to question some aspects of your life, then we haven't done our job as teachers. If you agree with everything, and/or are comfortable with everything we teach, then we have not presented anything new, and you are only rearranging and confirming your present belief system.  
Part 1 Recorded: August 31st, 2010     Duration: 70 Minutes     Transcript Included: 20 Pages
Part 2 Recorded: September 21, 2010     Duration: 70 Minutes     Transcript Included: 20 Pages


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