Cheryl Rodgers

Office: U.S. 855-QT Heals (784-3257) | World 1-928-771-1215


All of my adult life was a constant struggle with the daily challenges of MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities). I was allergic to most man-made chemicals, foods and pollens, had difficulty breathing, electro magnetic sensitivity, skin rashes, headaches, up and down emotions, weight gain, fuzzy head and more. Mold was a big issue and led me to move to Arizona from my home in the south.

For many years I went through diet changes, supplements and alternative treatments. My life was dedicated to getting well. I was very isolated due to the chemical exposures that prevail everywhere in our society and earning a living took every bit of strength and energy that I had.

In 2003 I met the Daniels and began to use Quantum Techniques. I learned how to test foods and supplements to determine if they would be healing or toxic for me. I was able to address emotional issues from childhood that debilitated me. I shed old emotional behavior and gained confidence and strength. Learning to set boundaries was significant for me in my healing.

I now have my own business and run the Quantum Techniques customer service center. Because I have been chronically ill, I am able to help with billing, products and questions from a client's point of view. My first hand knowledge of energy medicine helps me to explain the procedures and benefits of the work done by Quantum Techniques and the difference it can make in all of our lives.

With the help of Quantum Techniques, I have gained the world. I am now able to lead a normal life, use a computer, earn a living, and go anywhere I want to go.

Cheryl is typically in the office (Pacific Time - Los Angeles Time):

Monday thru Friday: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

You can also email her at any time.

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