Digestion Teleclinics

Part 1 Quantum Techniques practitioner  Dr. Carolee Johnson presents part one of this very important three part teleclinic series.  In this installment, Dr. Carolee will be providing a broad discussion on how digestion can act like allergies and actually cause sinus problems, carminative herbs that help digestion, sooth the digestive tract, and help ease gas and bloating, how digestion can trigger anxiety, and the importance of bowel cleansing.  Recorded: March 27. 2012 Duration: 1 hour.  Includes Transcript:  21 pages


Food Additives Teleclinic

In this teleclinic on food additives, Dr. Carolee Johnson discusses how much they affect our health. You learn about using Quantum Techniques to make better food choices, and how to initiate a detox with herbs and Quantum Techniques. Prepare for this event by listening to the Detoxification Teleclinic with Dr Stephen and Beth Daniel.


Full Spectrum Light and Color Teleclinic

Dr. Carolee Johnson presents this teleclinic on the importance of full spectrum light and color to the body, and how an imbalance in light and color can affect mental as well as physical health.  Codes are given to clear receptor sites for different colors of light, and for healthy light factors.
Hosted by: Dr. Carolee Johnson, ND, MH     Recorded: August 30, 2011     Includes Transcript: 21 Pages



Fungal Infection Teleclinics

In Part 1, Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel offer this teleclinic to teach you how to find and clear fungal infections that block the body's attempts at healing. Fungal infections have been found in well over 90% of the clients we have worked with over the years and are a major contributor to chronic illness and health issues. Both physical and non-physical components of fungal infections are discussed. Additionally, many codes are given to treat specific fungal issues.
Content includes:
How to find and address fungal infections with Quantum Techniques

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Healing Infertility and Testing Babies and Children Teleclinic

Dr. Stephen Daniel interviews QT Practitioner Jody King-Colegrove about her healing story & dealing with infertility, testing babies, & children.
Discussion Points:
1. Your fertility & hormones.
2. Recommended books.
3. Dealing with kids with colic.
4. Dealing with breast feeding issues.

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Healthy Eating Teleclinic

It is the new year, do you want to be the best you can be?  In this teleclinic Jody Colegrove shares the latest information on eating healthy.  She talks about how to use Quantum Techniques to test foods to discover what foods are best for you to eat.  Jody also shares codes for Emotional eating, Motivation, & Cravings.
Presented by Jody King-Colegrove
Recorded February 4, 2014