Symptom Intention List Teleclinics

This collection of Quantum Techniques' Teleclinic Series on the Symptom Intention List contains all four parts of the series, as well as the outline guide for each teleclinic.

  • Part 1: A presentation of the QT Symptom Intention List: how to find the conscious and unconscious intentions expressed through your symptoms.
  • Part 2: A live demonstration with Sarah of how to use the QT Symptom Intention List.
  • Part 3: Follow up with Sarah and further teaching on how to use the QT Symptom Intention List as well as ten additional questions to ask when using this list
  • Part 4: A further demo of how to use the QT Symptom Intention List as well as the ten additional questions with Howard, who suffers from headaches and insomnia. When you purchase this series, you will receive an email containing all 4 links to the webinar playbacks, which features an MP3 download. You will also receive the links to all 4 teleclinic outlines in PDF format.
Part 1 Recorded: August 11th, 2009     Duration: 87 Minutes      Transcript Included: 21 Pages 
Part 2 Recorded: August 18th, 2009     Duration: 78 Minutes      Transcript Included: 24 Pages
Part 3 Recorded: August 25th, 2009     Duration: 87 Minutes       Transcript Included: 23 Pages
Part 4 Recorded: September 1st, 2009     Duration: 76 Minutes       Transcript Included: 26 Pages