The way I met Carolee, and was introduced to Quantum Techniques was by seeing a Carolee YouTube QT treatment. From there I watched Carolee's video on imprinting the acupressure and chakra points. After reading some universal codes on the QT website I felt the energy shifts and decided to give this a try. Being in chronic pain and not being able to find help I was desperate. Having experience with energetic healing and muscle testing, QT seemed like a good option to try. Little did I know QT would become my mainstay for physical and non-physical healing. Little did I know what fields inhibiting my well being I would find in my body and outside of my body.

I have had five sessions with Carolee. She is the most gifted healer I have ever worked with one on one. Carolee has been compassionate and loving in helping me see both the physical and non-physical fields needing healing. I have gotten more understanding of, and resolution from, emotional baggage by working with Carolee than anyone else. The personal QT codes communicated to me from Carolee have been extremely effective. With the help of an upper cervical chiropractor adjusting my atlas and working with Carolee I am off any regular use of medication. It wasn't long ago that I did not know if I was going to be able to continue working; the pain was too bad.

It has been one year since I started experiencing QT. I have tried a lot of healing modalities. QT is by far the most effective healing path I have experienced. The Reiki, chakra clearing and EFT were a prelude to the QT. The way QT healing progresses is based on personal responsibility and motivation. If I learn and use the tools I continue getting better. At the same time, I have all the guidance necessary. It takes time and effort to learn QT techniques. I have jumped into QT with the training DVDs, teleclinics, and Elite Level recordings. The meditation recording is very effective for me as well. At this point I am doing my own clearing and QT treatments with myself. QT calls to my heart. From where I am now, I see physical and non-physical perfection manifesting. --Lyn, TN