I have had tremendous healing after my initial QT session with Jenice several months ago, and just wanted to write to share my story. I came to Jenice in my second trimester of pregnancy in order to manage stress and ongoing candida issues I was experiencing. Jenice was gentle and loving as she tested me for different foods and household products, and especially as we came to dealing with my personal traumas that have inhibited my physical and emotional healing.

Uncovering those things was absolutely mind-blowing to me, and it was amazing to think about how little I knew about what effects my past traumas had on my current health. After speaking with Jenice, I implemented the dietary and lifestyle changes she recommended, and experienced tremendous changes in my health and state of mind. I didn't feel as stressed out with my kids, and was able to stay calm when handling tough situations. I noticed my overall demeanor was drastically different, and things just didn't ruffle me the way they used to. I also suffer from Hyperhydrosis, a sweat disorder, and noticed my sweating decrease significantly following Jenice's suggestions.

Last, but not least, I had an ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS pregnancy. As I type that, I myself can hardly believe it. My first two pregnancies had aches and pains at some points and especially toward the end, but this pregnancy was easy and happy. I suffered no prenatal or postpartum depression, and I felt wonderful. When my baby was born, the delivery was quick anithout complications, and she is the healthiest of all my kids.

One physical evidence that QT works was a recent visit to the chiropractor when I was at almost 42 weeks pregnant with my baby for a quick adjustment. I hoped the adjustment would get labor rumbling, and when the chiropractor looked at me, he seemed a little baffled and said "I can do some adjustments to hopefully help labor start up, but other than that, you are perfectly aligned." This was AMAZING to me, because my last visit (prior to my QT treatment with Jenice) was one where he made note of all the areas where I was not properly aligned and had a long plan of how I could be adjusted to a normal state over many treatments. After my treatment with Jenice, I never went back, because I never felt pain again! Pretty incredible.

Thank you for offering QT as an alternative to traditional healthcare and even other alternative health treatments. I believe God truly worked through Jenice and continues to as I use my code and the other free ones you offer. Many blessings, K. W., TN