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Since 1997, our commitment at Quantum Techniques (QT) is to teach and to equip people with the necessary knowledge and tools to bring healing to ALL aspects of their lives and the lives of others. QT is an advanced form of energy medicine done remotely, over the phone, with people all over the world for all non-healing issues. Our work is based on the principle that “what the body can see, it can heal.” Read More>>>

Getting Started

To learn more and get started, please visit our Getting Started Quick Guide, which provides all of the charts you will need.

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Healing Sessions

Our skilled practitioners will give you a complete energy assessment over the phone to create your own unique healing code that will help your specific situation! Session Request Form>>>

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QT Founders

808-344-5363 or 866-378-2688
Monday: 11am-7pm Pacific
Tuesday: 11am-7pm Pacific
Wednesday: 11am-4pm Pacific
Thursday: 11am-7pm Pacific
Friday: 11am-4pm Pacific
808-344-4256 or 800-675-3994
Monday: 12pm-8pm Pacific
Tuesday: 12pm-8pm Pacific
Wednesday: 12pm-4pm Pacific
Thursday: 12pm-8pm Pacific

Our Practitioners

801-664-1514 or 866-229-8031
Monday: 8am-5pm Pacific
Tuesday: 8am-5pm Pacific
Wednesday: 8am-5pm Pacific
Thursday: 8am-5pm Pacific
Friday: 8am-5pm Pacific
Saturday: 8am-5pm Pacific
Monday: 10am-4pm pacific
Tuesday: 10am-4pm pacific
Wednesday: 10am-4pm pacific
Thursday: 10am-4pm pacific
Friday: 9am-1pm pacific
612-386-3502 or 877-594-1265
Monday: 6am-3pm Pacific
Tuesday: 6am-3pm Pacific
Wednesday: 6am-3pm Pacific
Thursday: 6am-3pm Pacific
Friday: 6am-3pm Pacific
928-606-5725 or 877-483-3031
Monday: 730am-1230pm Pacific
Tuesday: 730am-1230pm Pacific
Wednesday: 730am-1230pm Pacific
Thursday: 730am-1230pm Pacific
Friday: 730am-1230pm Pacific
Sunday: 11am-2pm Pacific by appointment


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Born for a Reason

Born for a Reason

by Carolee Johnson, MH, ND

You can achieve your highest goals in health and abundance. When you become free of any thought that limits you, then you are unlimited in your ability to create your vision. And since we were all born to create, this leads to the highest levels of peace, joy, and fulfillment. Finding your true purpose and living your abundance dreams using Quantum Techniques. Order now! Release Date: May 1st, 2017

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