Since 1997, our commitment at Quantum Techniques (QT) is to teach and to equip people with the necessary knowledge and tools to bring healing to ALL aspects of their lives and the lives of others. QT is an advanced form of energy medicine done remotely, over the phone, with people all over the world for all non-healing issues. Our work is based on the principle that “what the body can see, it can heal.” Read More>>>

Healing Sessions

Our skilled practitioners will give you a complete energy assessment over the phone to create your own unique healing code that will help your specific situation! Session Request Form>>>

Coronavirus Offer

The practitioners of Quantum Techniques want to give back to our valued clients and friends. We are offering anyone who has symptoms or concerns about having this virus a free 10 minute scan and treatment for the virus. Please call your practitioner, or go to the website and choose a practitioner to receive this free gift. We have already sent out a code for the corona virus for you to use. Be well, be safe, be in gratitude for your life. We will all get through this together.

The Quantum Techniques Team

Coronavirus Code

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Getting Started

To learn more and get started, please visit our Getting Started Quick Guide, which provides all of the charts you will need.

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first hour long Quantum Techniques (QT) first session discount

Get your first hour long Quantum Techniques (QT) session for a flat rate of $300*! READ MORE

Coronavirus, Dr Stephen Daniel

Coronavirus Support Article

Author, Dr. Carolee Johnson has provided an article on Corona Virus with many QT codes for immunity, body systems, emotions, & organs:

We’re being bombarded with information about it. And because nothing (not even viruses!) spreads as fast as misinformation, I’d like to answer the questions I’ve heard and set the facts straight... >>>Read more<<<

Coronavirus and the Trauma Code

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