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Coronavirus Offer

The practitioners of Quantum Techniques want to give back to our valued clients and friends. We are offering anyone who has symptoms or concerns about having this virus a free 10-minute scan and session for the virus.

Please call your practitioner, or if you’re a new client go to the website and complete the session request & new client history forms to receive this free gift. You can also use the coronavirus code below. Be well, be safe, be in gratitude for your life. We will all get through this together.

The Quantum Techniques Team

*Limit one offer per household. Offer cannot be spread out over multiple sessions and is only valid for an initial 10-minute session; time spent beyond the first 10 minutes will be billed at the practitioner’s standard rate.

Coronavirus Code

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What is Quantum Techniques?

Quantum Techniques provides an advanced form of energy healing medicine done remotely with people all over the world for issues identified as ‘non-healing’. Our work is based on the principle that “what the body can see, it can heal.”

Quantum Techniques does not treat symptoms, instead we address the core cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing and help you understand what is blocking the body from healing these issues.

Getting Started with Energy Healing and Quantum Techniques

Before you begin your journey into the world of energy healing, we suggest you first work through our getting started guide.

This important first step to a better life prepares you for our revolutionary, yet timeless ways of eliminating the burdens of pain in your life.

Our getting started guide will walk you through the four main steps you’ll need in order to start applying energy healing into your life. You will work through our time saver codes, our body points chart, the nine gamut sequence, and our standard chakkra patterns.

Energy Healing Practitioners

While considering when you would like to schedule your first energy healing session, you may want to review our practitioners bios and schedules. That way, you can choose a time and a practitioner that you believe will work best for your needs.

They’ve healed - so can you!

I had been on anxiety medication for more than 15 years. The cost and the dosages kept getting higher and higher. I didn't know anything about energy medicine and it sounded silly to me. Boy was I wrong! After two hours of working with my QT practitioner, NO MORE ANXIETY!

- John

Quantum Techniques was completely successful in eliminating my daughter’s symptoms of chronic depression and anxiety. In addition, the QT method of toxin elimination healed her of obsessive­ compulsive disorder and significantly improved her attention deficit disorder, so that she now does not need medication for either. These treatments have literally given her back her life.


Healed in only two months! Had tried more than 100 traditional and alternative therapies for 25 years of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

- Mary

Chronic migraines had become not only my illness, but also my identity. Imitrex was as common a name around my home as orange juice. What can I say? Since Quantum Techniques, I haven't had a migraine in six months. That's the best money I have ever spent.

- Laurie

When my daughter was in pain and no other natural options were working, she was able to get relief through QT in a short amount of time. QT also reserves a special time for you and your child. My daughter now asks me to do QT right before bed and sometimes when she just isn't feeling herself.

- H.B.

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