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Why Choose Quantum Techniques?

Traditional psychotherapy for trauma requires you to relive a traumatic event over and over in a repeating cycle until you have “worked through it”.

Quantum Techniques (QT) enables your body to release the original source of the trauma without reliving the hurt.

Non-Invasive. Full Relief.

Through a series of scans we non-invasively go through and release the trauma from all parts of the body until none remains. Pain is often the indicator that emotional trauma is present in the body.

Physical pain and trauma are so closely linked that your QT practitioner will likely work on both aspects during the course of your session.

Our practitioners will scan for energy discrepancies and miscommunication within the body to identify the source. Our work is so effective that most of our clients feel an immediate release.

Quantum Techniques’ Advantage

QT practitioners are trained to think diagnostically and have helped numerous clients with non-healing issues or those who had a hard time finding answers to their health concerns.

In traditional medicine, many doctors are trained to type your symptoms into a computer for a list of possible diagnoses and they prescribed treatments according to that list. If followed too rigidly, this practice can take away from a healthcare professional’s ability to think and diagnose for themselves.

Here at Quantum Techniques, we train our practitioners to think and react to the situation presented.

We are able to work with you remotely, over the phone, to help you heal in your own environment.

Healing in unique ways

Our practitioners have different strengths, but each is adept at finding the source of your pain and helping you to self-heal. Our ultimate goal is for you to learn how to heal yourself.

Unlike other forms of energy medicine, we believe that everyone heals in their own unique way.To further that we build personalized codes that resonate with your body’s unique energy signature during your session.

Benefits of Getting Certified with Quantum Techniques

  • Access to current Quantum Techniques advancements
  • Mentoring in energy healing from the leaders who started it all
  • Store discounts
  • Guide to developing a successful practice
  • Advanced charts and lists to improve scans
  • Use of the QT official logo on your website, business cards and more
  • For completing Level 2, listing on the QT website is free for a year

The history of Quantum Techniques

Since 1997, our commitment at Quantum Techniques has been to teach and to equip our clients with the necessary tools to bring healing to ALL aspects of their lives and the lives of others.

Advanced Energy Medicine

QT is an advanced form of energy medicine done remotely, over the phone, with people all over the world for all non-healing issues. Our work is based on the principle that “what the body can see, it can heal.”

Questions about Quantum Techniques?

It’s natural to have questions about who we are and what we do, so we’ve put some of the most common questions we receive. Check out our FAQ page to get the answers to your questions all in one place.

They’ve healed - so can you!

I had been on anxiety medication for more than 15 years. The cost and the dosages kept getting higher and higher. I didn't know anything about energy medicine and it sounded silly to me. Boy was I wrong! After two hours of working with my QT practitioner, NO MORE ANXIETY!

- John

Quantum Techniques was completely successful in eliminating my daughter’s symptoms of chronic depression and anxiety. In addition, the QT method of toxin elimination healed her of obsessive­ compulsive disorder and significantly improved her attention deficit disorder, so that she now does not need medication for either. These treatments have literally given her back her life.


Healed in only two months! Had tried more than 100 traditional and alternative therapies for 25 years of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

- Mary

Chronic migraines had become not only my illness, but also my identity. Imitrex was as common a name around my home as orange juice. What can I say? Since Quantum Techniques, I haven't had a migraine in six months. That's the best money I have ever spent.

- Laurie

When my daughter was in pain and no other natural options were working, she was able to get relief through QT in a short amount of time. QT also reserves a special time for you and your child. My daughter now asks me to do QT right before bed and sometimes when she just isn't feeling herself.

- H.B.

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