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Healing Skin Issues on Pets Part 1


Hi, this is Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. We have the most comprehensive diagnostic form of energy medicine in the world today. I work with people on the phone all over the world, helping them understand why they’re having a health issue and what they can do about it.

Well, today the health issue and the person calling was my dog, Star. We moved to a new area and it tends to have a lot of mold and different plants and different issues that come up, a lot of little bites. Well, this is what she was doing and is doing. It’s like, “Okay, what’s going on? How do we diagnose this for a client over the phone for a dog and find out what’s going on?”

Well, here’s the situation that happened. We all got a lot of bites. It’s been very hot this year, and a lot of humidity, and the season has gone on quite long and so we got a lot of mosquito bites and they keep biting, and biting, and biting. We have a certain formula that we’ve come up with, Neem Oil, which is helpful to go outside so that they don’t get bit by mosquito bites.

The other thing is that we went to a park. I hadn’t realized that a lot of times parks, they spray with their pesticides or mosquito abatement and things like that and it can get on … You breathe it in, it gets on your clothes, gets on your shoes. We had brought that home and we tried to take our shoes off and leave them by the front door but sometimes we’d track in a little bit.

Well, she picked it up and so then it started spreading on the skin and things like that. What we do at Quantum Techniques is find out, “Okay, what is bothering her skin? How is it impacting her health? What do we need to clean up?” I found out we needed to clean all the bottom of our shoes, we needed to clean up the floor where where we walked. I even actually found that where she typically lays there is some mold that was there so I cleaned up the floor with mold.

I actually found that sometimes, I wash with a towel. If she goes outside and gets in the water, I wash her down. Well, that towel I would just dry every so often, not realizing that in this kind of environment that those towels after one or two frequencies will get mold on it and so I was rubbing her down with a towel that had mold on it. Those are things that you just have to think about and be aware of, how is she getting re-toxed and so, and getting bug bites and getting different chemicals on her that’s making her skin itch?

We found that not only was it bug bites but it was also some mold that she had on her skin. I can clean the skin, I can give her some MMS baths that help her skin not be so irritated. I can give her some DMSO with some silver on it to put on her skin to try to clear the mold and also help with the bites and the itchiness.

Then we’d coat her to find out why is this a sensitive field? Last year or maybe a year and a half ago she got bit by a bee and it really impacted her immune system and so it was like, “Well, why is that?” Well, the reason being is that I had her on a heartworm medicine that at the time tested good for her. She had gotten some Giardia and gotten some woodworm and so that tested good but then it was too strong for her so it created a problem with her wound healing and she was not able to heal wounds. When she got that bee bite and sting it just really impacted her system and she had open wound so were able to figure out what it was and clear that.

It’s also important that if a dog does have some challenges with the skin and things like that, you need to test to see what kind of medicines or if she should be taking some medicines, and when is a good time that her immune system can handle that. We test to make sure that the dog’s immune system is doing well and whether it’s keeping well and what’s impacting it. All those things really help them to be able to stay healthy.

Just hurts when our dog’s immune … When their immune system hurts or when they’re itching and things like that. Another thing that I wanted to share with you that I thought was very interesting, she tends to have what they call a trauma field at 4:20 in the morning and so she will wake up and start itching or she will jump into bed and wake us up. I’m an early riser but 4:20 is a little bit earlier and it’s so odd that it’s always 4:20.

I knew it was a trauma from childhood because I tested that before but with this bite issue and things like that it came back again. I said, “Okay, well what is that?” We found it was the intention to survive. We have another list that we can say, “Well, survive what? What is it that she’s trying to survive?” I went through and tested what it was and it was siblings.

Okay, I guess she’s ready to leave. Anyway, what I found was that she had gotten a trauma with her siblings and not being able to breathe when she was about four weeks old and so she was trying to survive and couldn’t breathe and things like that. We cleared that trauma and so that 4:20 never came up again. That’s really exciting that with Quantum Techniques we can find out why is this a recurring issue?

We do that for dogs, we do it for kids, we do it for people, we do it for everyone so just wanted to share some of those things that I’ve had to deal with in my life with dogs and trying to clean up from molds and pesticides and chemicals in our lives and also …

Oh, she’s bringing us a toy here. Show everybody your bear. Can you show everybody your bear? She loves to bring us her bear toys. Anyway, so those are the things that we can help clean up for our pets and let them know how to have a really happy and healthy life. Wanted to share that with you. I’d love to work with you, with Quantum Techniques, and to help your family thrive and be as happy and healthy as possible.

Give us a call at Quantum Techniques. You can go to our website at and request a session request with Jody Colegrove. I will get with you and find out how to be healthy and happy. All right, blessings from Quantum Techniques.


About The Author

Jody King Colegrove is a Certified Practitioner in Gold Standard EFT (ACP-EFT) and is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Jody teaches people how to take care of their health and happiness.

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