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Neuroplasticity and Chronic Illnesses

Hi, I’m JJ Curren, a practitioner with Quantum Techniques. Today, I would like to start with the first in a series about rapid healing of chronic issues with neuroplasticity. What is neuroplasticity? Well, if you Google it, you get over 3 million results in half of a second. One of the simplest explanations is that neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to modify its connections or reroute itself. Without this ability, the brain would be unable to develop from infancy through adulthood or to recover from brain injury. So the brain actually has a way to reroute itself to account for injury. That’s great, except that it takes time for that to be able to happen on its own. How long? That’s really hard to say – like anything else, it depends on the person, the extent of the problem, and most importantly, the ability of the brain to recognize it’s a problem.

Let’s take stroke victims, for example. The duration of stroke rehabilitation depends on the severity of the stroke and the related complications. Some stroke survivors recover quickly. But most need some sort of long-term rehabilitation, lasting possibly months or even years after their stroke. One thing is for sure – neuroplasticity plays a vital role in how quickly recovery happens.

Let’s get back to how the brain can reroute itself. Everyone has neuroplasticity. But a key factor is that the brain has to see that there’s a problem. If the brain doesn’t see there’s a problem, it doesn’t see a need to reroute brain signals. If it doesn’t reroute brain signals, you stay in the same condition. Some of the major reasons why the brain can’t see a problem include heavy metals and pathogens, especially brain viruses.

How does QT fit into this? Well, we have some exciting techniques to help the brain see that there is an actual unhealed chronic problem and to help reroute brain signals. How the heck does that happen? Great question; our work is based on the principle that what the body can see, it can heal. QT does not treat symptoms but addresses causes of those symptoms and what’s blocking the body from healing. At the core of our work is the identification of pathogens, such as heavy metals and dietary toxins; and in turn, adjusting the diet to allow the body to be in an optimal healing state. So we help the body identify the issue and ask the brain to reroute the signals so that it can heal itself.

In future videos, I will discuss neuroplasticity to help heal chronic issues like Lyme’s disease, hypertension, gout, and PTSD. If you have any of these issues or have questions on another chronic problem you would like to cover, please email me at To get started with QT self-testing and to schedule a session with a practitioner, please visit Thanks and have a blessed day.

About The Author

JJ Curren served for 36 years in the US Coast Guard as a Naval Engineer and first responder. As an experienced first responder in the Coast Guard, JJ has a first-hand perspective on the impact of trauma on health and how to help people heal.

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