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Pain Free Movement: Joints and Muscles

Hi, this is Jodie King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. We have developed a proven technique to quickly determine the root cause of your health issue using a form of energy medicine. I’ve worked with people on the phone all over the world, helping them determine why they’re having a health issue and what they can do about it.

Today, I wanted to talk about pain-free movement. At Quantum Techniques we have several different things that help diagnose if you have a structural issue that’s leading to your symptoms. So the first thing is, that we find out, is there a mechanical issue? In other words, we’re checking the spine, we’re checking to see if all organs, glands and tissues on either side of the body are in balance. And some things it can lead to that, being out of balance, is any reproductive movement, or in other words sitting at your desk always typing every day, that’s going to be repetitive and it may be putting you in a posture that is not correct. Poor structure alignment, because, one, sitting at a desk and typing, poor posture. Some of the things that can help with that, besides Quantum Techniques, are things like stretching, yoga, Tai Chi, chiropractic care, and massage.

We also sometimes find that the structure is being impacted by traumas. So if you’re having a structural issue that’s impacting, let’s say, the base of spine, so giving a little bit of curvature as a child is growing, or the fact that you have pain on one side of the body, so you may be kind of leaning to one side. Not only with Quantum Techniques do we find out where, what organs are being impacted like that, but also finding out if there’s a trauma or stress that’s adding to that, that you’re keeping in your body and holding there.

The next thing that we would find out, is there a chemical that’s affecting us? So that’s kind of where our foods come in. So we find out, if you have allergies or gout, one of the things that we find that’s helpful to eliminate is nightshades, and nightshades are things like tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers and eggplant. They, a lot of times, add inflammation into those areas and they cause the root cause of joint and muscle pain. Other things can also add to it is gluten, wheat, dairy and corn. They can also be traumatic on that.

One thing that I found interesting is citrus fruits can. And, a lot of times you could have a trauma to it, but I found what they said in this article was that it was because a lot of times are picked too quickly and so they don’t ripen on the vine. So, there’s nutrients that don’t get transferred through natural synthesis and so that could be causing that. So that’d be one to eliminate to find out that’s causing it. Or, we can muscle test to find out if that is what’s causing it. Other foods can be acid forming. So things like animal proteins, grains, beans and cheese, and things that are alkaline producing are things like fruits and vegetables.

Our kidneys are what helped flush and you think about the kidneys are in the back. So, if they’re being impacted or something’s being pinched or something like that, they’re not able to flush the system and get out those toxins. So they may be backing up into your system and causing some pain also, and they may be helping your body be more stiff and achy and that’s part of it.

So where do we go from here? Another thing that we can do is we reduce the inflammation. So, things that are herbs and things like that, that we can add to the body to help with the body’s natural way of helping reduce the inflammation. So, those are things like curcumin, white willow bark, which is the basis of aspirin, but it’s more of, it’s a form instead of a chemical form, black cohosh and wintergreen oil, and that’d be something that we would have to test to see if any of those are significantly helpful for you. One thing to add to your body like curcumin would be omega three, because it can help reduce the inflammation in your body.

Some of the things that I found interesting is they’re finding now that calcium needs to be combined with magnesium, zinc, boron, and silica in order to help the bones absorb it and the joints absorb it. So, a lot of times if you don’t have it connected with that, it starts building up in the body and creating some issues. So, that’s something to test too, is to find out whether you have too much calcium or if your calcium intake is okay or if we need to combine it with something. Vitamin D3 is really important, and they find that as people we have 90% deficiency of our population is deficient on vitamin D3, and what I found is I was taking vitamin D3, but it wasn’t enough. So, I actually needed to increase how much I was taking.

Another thing that’s really popular right now is collagen supplements, because that helps prevent damage to cartilage and helps promote joint health and healing of bones, teeth and and joints. And so, that’s something that is really being pushed now to put in shakes, on salads, on soups. And I do that because it’s also, it helps add protein to what you’re eating. The things that collagen help with is skin elasticity, hydration of the skin, healthy hair, strong nails, bones, joints, gut health, trace minerals. It’s odorless, tasteless and colorless, so you can add it to anything. I know a lot of people add it to coffee and add it to wine and they all help have more protein. It’s non-GMO, keto friendly, dairy free, gluten free and paleo free.

Now obviously you need to find a source that’s really good, so I was reading through this great article that I got and I found a footnote that I found very profound, and that’s why I’m actually sharing this with you today. It said that as these people are researching what to put in their collagen formula, they started testing other products and found that they were high in heavy metals. So, I immediately thought of the one I was using and I said, “Does this one have heavy metals?” And this is how I test. And I got yes. And it’s like, “Wow, okay, well what percent of the one I’m taking has heavy metals?” Okay, so I’ve got just 1%. So, that’s not a tremendous amount, but I don’t want to add heavy metals to my body. So, I’m going to be ordering from this particular company, where they’ve made sure that their collagen supplement does not contain heavy metals. So, I thought it was something I hadn’t heard before and I wanted to share it with you.

So visit and you can learn lots more things about our websites, and health, and what Quantum Techniques is all about. You can go on there and fill out a form for a session request and we can find out what’s going on structurally with your body. And I’ve been working with this. QT has a lot of different scans to really help with that. And you’d be amazed at how much it’s affecting. You may have a symptom that you don’t realize is being affected by that. It could be your growth. Are you growing at the rate you should? Are your periods and menstrual cycle online because of your alignment or is it off because the alignment?

So, those are all things that sometimes that structural issue can add to. Headaches is another one. You know, are you having chronic headaches because that structure is not balanced on both sides. So those are all things that we can find out at Quantum Techniques to help you get to your health and happiness back. So fill out a session request and we’ll work together and find out what that is. All right. Blessings from Quantum Techniques.


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