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Self Test With Quantum Techniques

We believe that our bodies are designed to self-heal, and that the Divine has placed a healing frequency into each cell of our bodies. The bodies of those experiencing illness have lost access to that data. At Quantum Techniques (QT), we have found a way to dialogue with the body’s energy field to elicit that frequency and give it back to the body through a universal language of body point locations using meridian and chakra points.

Unless the traumas, beliefs, and emotions locking the body into a fear state are addressed, healing will not be permanent.

Learn to Self Test

Like with all decisions in life, whether it’s about your health, foods, or relationships, you need to know your unconscious truth. No healer or doctor will ever know more about your body’s needs and health than your own body itself.

In QT, we highly encourage you to master the techniques in Truth Techniques, a downloadable manual, so that you can be as independent as possible when it comes to your body.

In learning these simple techniques, you can save yourself from one of the leading causes of death in America, properly prescribed medications. Self testing allows you to take full charge and responsibility for your health and life decisions.

Getting Started with Self Healing

Our goal at Quantum Techniques is to teach you to heal yourself. Over the years, we have carefully gathered resources and created tools to help our clients be more self sufficient with healing their body and mind. However, we will always be here when you get stuck.

QT does not treat symptoms, but rather it addresses the cause of the symptoms and what is blocking the body from healing.

Our QT practitioners are experts in diagnosing and clearing all blocks to healing, both physical and non-physical in nature.

The Value of Self-Testing

Everyone with a chronic illness has toxic foods and products they need to avoid for healing. Your choice is to call your practitioner every day or learn to test yourself.

Before we created Truth Techniques, many environmentally ill clients would call and test all their foods for the week, every single week. Other clients would stock up on supplies while their practitioner was out of town and not leave their home until their practitioner returned. Now, you can be free from dependency.

When you discover a new toxin or issue, simply add that information into your current treatment. Learning to self test allows clients to get ten times more healing out of each individual treatment with a licensed practitioner.

Truth Techniques Self-Testing

Our goal at Quantum Techniques is to empower you to heal yourself and others. We have put together resources to help you get started and familiarize yourself with QT before booking your first session.

Learn to test for foods, medications, supplements, homeopathic remedies, dietary intolerance, several pathogen frequencies and more. You will also learn how to test whether or not a food, personal care product, or even if a possible love or business relationship is healthy for you.

They’ve healed - so can you!

I had been on anxiety medication for more than 15 years. The cost and the dosages kept getting higher and higher. I didn't know anything about energy medicine and it sounded silly to me. Boy was I wrong! After two hours of working with my QT practitioner, NO MORE ANXIETY!

- John

Quantum Techniques was completely successful in eliminating my daughter’s symptoms of chronic depression and anxiety. In addition, the QT method of toxin elimination healed her of obsessive­ compulsive disorder and significantly improved her attention deficit disorder, so that she now does not need medication for either. These treatments have literally given her back her life.


Healed in only two months! Had tried more than 100 traditional and alternative therapies for 25 years of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

- Mary

Chronic migraines had become not only my illness, but also my identity. Imitrex was as common a name around my home as orange juice. What can I say? Since Quantum Techniques, I haven't had a migraine in six months. That's the best money I have ever spent.

- Laurie

When my daughter was in pain and no other natural options were working, she was able to get relief through QT in a short amount of time. QT also reserves a special time for you and your child. My daughter now asks me to do QT right before bed and sometimes when she just isn't feeling herself.

- H.B.

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