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A Functional Medicine Perspective on My Parathyroid Problem


My name is Dr. Stephen Daniel, the co-founder of Quantum Techniques. Today’s subject is how functional medicine handles parathyroid disease. I did an earlier YouTube video on how parathyroid disease is frequently misdiagnosed. Parathyroid disease is easy to cure once you know you have it, but you have to realize that it is present first.

One of the leading clinics for this condition is the Norman Parathyroid Center, in Tampa, Florida ( They have a great website, very informative, and one can actually watch a surgery, and see a doctor remove a diseased parathyroid, and set it on a little piece of paper where it can be compared to a healthy one.

They traditionally diagnose parathyroid disease with blood tests, checking calcium and vitamin D3 levels. The standard of care is not to operate until you have certain markers that reach a particular point. I sent my blood sample in to them because I had a single blood study with high calcium. They wanted to wait five weeks, do another blood study, then wait another week and have yet another blood study. They follow that process because they said, “Blood studies go up and down.”

Now that I knew more about this condition, I started treating it with QT. A parathyroid tumor does not develop in one day; it takes years. The difficulty is you feel terrible for years, with symptoms including exhaustion, brain fog, personality changes, grumpiness, and you might even develop heart disease, osteoporosis, kidney stones or high blood pressure, yet you still may not have reached the threshold for surgery because the markers aren’t there. With traditional medicine, until you get 40 – 70% tissue damage, everything looks fine.

There are four parathyroid glands, each about the size of a rice grain. In my case, the functionality of the two lower glands were testing at a 2 of 10, as confirmed by other people in our QT group. The first thing I did was to make sure the body intelligence could see the issue, because when your body is developing a tumor, its healing intelligence is not tracking it. Then I found out what caused the problem – toxins and hidden pathogens, just like with so many other chronic conditions that we work with at QT. While the clinic was in their waiting period, I treated myself with Quantum Techniques and spent a lot of time in prayer and meditation. As a bonus, I got two new scans while trying to find answers!

After being exhausted for five years, to the point of taking a couple of naps each day, within five weeks of using QT, my energy was 10 times better! I hadn’t had any surgery, didn’t change my diet, didn’t change my supplements, but, at that point, my parathyroid glands were functioning at a level of 9 of 10. That’s what functional medicine can do. My next two blood studies were completely normal, and I didn’t have to travel to the clinic and pay thousands of dollars for the surgery.

Most of the time, if an indicator does not show up in the blood studies, doctors will say, “It’s psychological, let’s send you a therapist and get you on antidepressants.” In fact, when I went to my doctor I said, “If all of my blood studies are normal except for this one little thing that’s not significant, calcium, why am I so exhausted?” He asked me, “Do you think you’re depressed?” I said “No, I’m not depressed. I’m a clinical psychologist. I’ve had moments of depression throughout my life, but this isn’t depression. This was just bone-crushing exhaustion.”

If your doctor says everything is normal, but your quality of life is well below where it should be, check out Let us find out what’s causing your issue and we can change your life. Have a blessed day.


About The Author

Dr. Stephen P. Daniel obtained his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology in 1981. He practiced as a psychotherapist and a psychologist for 22 years before he transitioned into bioenergetic medicine full time, helping to develop Quantum Techniques.

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