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A New Product that Knocks Out Fungal Infections


My name is Dr. Stephen Daniel and I am the co-founder of I want to tell you about a new product that we became aware of through one of our clients who reads a lot of Sherry Rogers’ newsletters. The product is a a different kind of grape seed extract. There are two places you can get it:, and It comes in powder or capsule form.

I have a client whom I have worked with on a regular basis for a couple of years who has taken a number of anti-fungals. There was always one fungal frequency that we could not eliminate. They just tried this new product, as it tested good for them. I don’t know that they were actually specifically attempting to get rid of their fungal issue, as the product is marketed to improve general health. The client showed 11 fungal frequencies, which is as high as I’ve seen in anyone. They took the recommended initial two doses, followed by two more doses after waiting the suggested amount of time, and the fungal frequencies fell to 6.

I’m not yet certain exactly how this product works, but I’ve ordered some of it and will be experimenting. It seems to flush out fungal infections, which often hide other pathogens. As we’re uncovering the client’s fungal frequencies, all of a sudden, we’re finding additional hidden virus and bacteria, including Lyme disease parasites that were hidden underneath the fungal infection. This appears to be a very powerful product.

If you’re having some health issues, check out the new grape seed extract. Have a blessed day.


About The Author

Dr. Stephen P. Daniel obtained his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology in 1981. He practiced as a psychotherapist and a psychologist for 22 years before he transitioned into bioenergetic medicine full time, helping to develop Quantum Techniques.

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