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Anaphylactic Shock

I had an emergency call from the mother of an 18-month old who was having an urgently severe reaction to something she ate. She had developed a rash and started coughing with difficulty breathing. As the mother got ready to rush to the ER, she decided to call me, because she didn’t think she would make it to the hospital in time. In 90 seconds, the severe reactions were completely cleared by giving a silent QT code for the infant. Obviously the mother was also hugely relieved.

You can save someone’s life by knowing energy medicine. If you see someone going into a severe reaction from a food, bee sting, spider bit or any other source, you can save their life. Focus on the person with the reaction and then hold the fingertips of one hand two inches above the navel on yourself. While holding that spot, use the other hand and alternate tapping five times under the nose and then five times on the karate chop spot on the hand holding the belly point. This will keep the person from going into shock. All of these reactions are a profound polarity reversal. This technique will clear the reversal and bring the person out of crisis.

In addition to the above method, if you have our QT client manual, it would also be helpful to read the ingestant toxin or injectant toxin code several times, depending on the source of the reaction.

Please pass this on to anyone who has a severe allergy to a food or bites or anyone who has children with these issues.

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