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Swine Flue Code

In response to client questions and concerns regarding the swine flu, we have developed two treatment codes to clear the energetic frequency of this flu. We have created these codes based on the energy of swine flu per a microscopic picture of…

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Nightshades List

angel and devil's trumpets (edible flowers) artichokes ashwagandha Atropine and Scopolamine, used in sleeping pills baking powders (most contain potato starch) bell pepper belladonna - the homeopathic (this is highly precautionary as homeopathics contain virtually no measurable "active" chemical) capsicum:…

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Biology of Belief

In his video, "The Biology of Belief", cell biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. describes how the body is digital in nature. It either codes and prepares for danger i.e. fear/protection, or love/healing. The greater the percentage of the body's cells that…

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We’re being bombarded with information about it. And because nothing (not even viruses!) spreads as fast as misinformation, I’d like to answer the questions I’ve heard and set the facts straight. I want to give you as much knowledge as…

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