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Heal Addiction Today with Quantum Techniques’ Neuroplasticity Treatment

My name is Dr. Stephen Daniel and I’m continuing my series on neuroplasticity and rapid healing. If you haven’t seen the previous videos on the topic, visit our Quantum Techniques YouTube channel and watch the others, especially the first one. Today I’m going to talk about neuroplasticity in addiction. At QT, we know that the underlying thing that drives addiction is a generalized anxiety disorder combined with a tranquilizer of choice – it could be pornography, gambling, Krispy Kremes, cocaine, alcohol, etc. When you feel stress your brain immediately goes into a rut and tells you that “I gotta have the sugar, or whatever is the substance or action of the addiction.”

As we know, the nature of addiction is relapse. With any kind of addictive therapy, even the really high dollar places, like The Meadows in Tucson, AZ where you spend $30,000 – $40,000 for a month, has a relapse rate of over 90% within a year. Why? Because brain rut was never addressed. What causes brain ruts? Heavy metals and viruses, as I discussed in the first video of this series. Underneath that, there’s often an unconscious intention to suffer or punish someone. If we do a neuroplasticity treatment for your addictive cravings, we catch all of the physical and non-physical aspects. So that when you get hit by stress, you don’t automatically fall back into and repeat the old addictive cycle that causes your suffering.

If you’re struggling with addiction, we have a brand new advancement at Quantum Techniques using the field of neuroplasticity. Call a QT practitioner, as this is not something we can simply provide a code for, but we can very rapidly help you dramatically. Blessings.

About The Author

Dr. Stephen P. Daniel obtained his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Rosemead Graduate School of Professional Psychology in 1981. He practiced as a psychotherapist and a psychologist for 22 years before he transitioned into bioenergetic medicine full time, helping to develop Quantum Techniques.

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