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Inclined Bed Therapy

I’m Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. Today I want to talk about something that’s near and dear to my heart – inclined bed therapy. It has so many benefits and it’s one of those things that once you start doing it, you will love it! After you’ve experienced it, you’ll always want an elevated bed.

This is not the kind of bed that you buy at the store where the top or bottom parts of the bed/mattress elevate independently. What I’m referring to is where the entire bed is sloped by elevating the head of the bed/frame so that you are sleeping on an incline. Just don’t use silk sheets because you will slide to the foot of the bed!

Sleeping in this manner helps improve blood circulation, metabolism, neurological and immune functions. It can help with things like Alzheimer’s, ADHD, diabetes, glaucoma, migraines, multiple sclerosis, sleep apnea, acid reflux, edema, varicose veins and pain from psoriasis. It also helps with the immune and respiratory systems. It helps with all these things because of improved glymphatic drainage. Amyloid beta deposits that are in the brain, and other toxins in your body, are cleared out nightly during deep sleep, and this therapy enhances that process.

How do create an inclined bed setting? The simplest way is to get a 2″ x 4″ piece of wood and cut it into blocks. Each block is an inch and a half thick. Start by raising your bed an inch and a half, by putting one block underneath the headboard on either side of the bed frame. Once you get used to sleeping at that angle, add another block so that you have two blocks totaling 3″ supporting the head of the bed frame. Then you can add a third block, and so on. Using QT we can test for your best height to start with, and how quickly you should increase the incline for the body to be able to help detox naturally, while at the same time not having too much die off.

For most people the ideal height which to elevate the bed seems to be six inches. I sleep on a bed with four blocks providing an incline. It’s interesting that when I travel and sleep on a bed with no incline, upon arriving back home and sleeping on my inclined bed, I literally have the best night of sleep. Everything is flowing again, and I feel better and more rested in the morning. It’s a wonderful therapy that is so easy to add into your life!

An important thing when starting this therapy is to drink more water than normal, because having an inclined bed decreases fluid retention in the body and enhances urination. Especially when you first begin, body wastes move out of your body at a faster rate, and you want to ensure that you have sufficient fluid to help flush your system.

I strongly recommend that you try inclined bed therapy – it’s wonderful, and you’ll love it! Visit to register for a session request and we can help you discover whether this therapy is a good idea for you. Blessings and wishing you a great sleep tonight!

About The Author

Jody King Colegrove is a Certified Practitioner in Gold Standard EFT (ACP-EFT) and is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Jody teaches people how to take care of their health and happiness.

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