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LEDs and Fluorescent Lights vs Your Health

I’m Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. I wore contact lenses in high school and about halfway through the day my eyes would get so dry and tired and they really bothered me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the fluorescent lights in the hallways and the classrooms were causing this issue. Nowadays there’s been a big shift in the way that we illuminate our houses. If you live in the United States you know that the government has mandated the replacement of incandescent lights with LEDs or fluorescent lights. Since this change took place, the health community has discovered that the EMF exposure has become extremely high. So what is going on? From a distance of three feet away, the EMF effect of an LED light on a person is negligible. But the EMF from a fluorescent light, even from a 3 foot distance, is exactly the same as being right next to it. That’s why fluorescent lights are not very good for us. This explains why it is not a good idea to fill your home with the “curly cue” fluorescent bulbs that have recently hit the market.

It’s important that you read the packages carefully because now the “curly cue” fluorescent bulbs are typically covered with a thin layer of glass and are not so easy to spot. Not only do these bulbs have more EMF output, but they also have mercury in them. If they break, you should clean up the mess while wearing a haz-mat suit! So it is very important that we think about what kind of lights we’re putting in our households – LEDs are more expensive, but they do last longer and more importantly, are better for our eyes and have less of an EMF impact.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the type of lights that you use may be negatively impacting your eyesight. In my case, I’ve recently had to live in some rental homes where I didn’t have good lighting and as a result spent a lot of time on the cellphone looking for rental properties and real estate, and I had to get new glasses because my prescription changed. I’m not sure that it was because of all those factors, but I believe that it did have something to do with it. If you are having issues with your eyes, get in touch with us at Quantum Techniques and we can determine whether certain light bulbs in your home may be negatively affecting you. Visit and complete a session request form. We’ll discover what may be impacting you and then help maximize your health and happiness! Blessings from Quantum Techniques.

About The Author

Jody King Colegrove is a Certified Practitioner in Gold Standard EFT (ACP-EFT) and is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Jody teaches people how to take care of their health and happiness.

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