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List of Hidden Foods

This is a list of common foods that can help you to identify which items to avoid, as these may be hidden within the products that are listed. For example, egg or by-products may be found in baking powders. Be sure to read all labels carefully.

EGGS: baking powders, Bavarian cream, breaded food, bread, cake flour, cake, French toast, fritters, frosting, frying batter, rolls, griddle cakes, hamburger mix, hollandaise sauce, ice cream, icings, macaroni, macaroons, marshmallow, mayonnaise, meat loaf, meat molds, meringue, Noodles, pancake flour, pancakes, salad dressing, sauces, sausage, sherbet, soufflés, tartar sauce, waffles, wine.

YEAST: barbecue sauce, beer, brandy, bread, buns, rolls, buttermilk, cake, cookies, cereal, cheese, condiments, crackers, enriched flour, fruit juice, gin, malted milk, mayonnaise, mince, pie, olives, pastries, pickles, pretzels, rum, salad dressing, sauerkraut, soy sauce, tomato sauce, truffles, vinegar, vodka, vitamins, whiskey, wine, yogurt.

WHEAT: beer, biscuits, bologna, bouillon cube, cake, cookies, cereal, cooked meat dishes, chocolate candy, corn bread, crackers, coco malt, doughnuts, dumplings, flour coated meats, flour, gluten bread, gravy, griddle cakes, ice cream, liverwurst, lunch ham , macaroni, matzos.

SOYBEANS: baby food, biscuits, bread, butter substitute, cake, caramel, cereal, crackers, Crisco spray, hard candies, ice cream, lecithin, lunch, meat, margarine, milk substitutes, nut candy, oil, oriental sauce, pastry, pork link, sausage, salad dressing, soup, soy flour, soy noodles, tempura, tofu.

MILK: au gratin dishes, Bavarian cream, biscuits, bread, buttermilk, cake, cookies, candies, cheese, chowder, cocoa drink, creamed food, curds, custard, doughnut, flour mix, fritters, gravy, ice cream, mashed potatoes, omelets, Ovaltine, Ovamalt, pancakes, pie crust, salad dressing, scalloped dishes, sherbet, soda crackers, soufflés, soup (creamed), spumoni, waffles, whey yogurt.

CORN: aspirin, baking powders, beer, bleached flour, cake, cookies, carbonated drinks, catsup, chewing gum, cough syrups, cream pies, dates, distilled vinegar, Fritos, frozen fruit, glucose products, graham crackers, gravy, ice cream, instant tea, jam, jellies, margarine, popcorn, powdered sugar, pudding, custard, sandwich spread, soups (creamed), toothpaste, tortillas, vitamins.

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