The book of QT Universal Codes is designed as a self-help guide to assist a person in healing physical and emotional issues, as well as toxin sensitivities. These Universal Codes work well for many people for multiple issues. The term “Universal Code” is used in contrast to a “personal QT Code” given during a private session with a QT Practitioner. QT Universal Codes have been developed from working with thousands of clients. Patterns of recurring Codes were recorded during private sessions by QT’s founder, Dr. Stephen Daniel. This book is based on that extensive body of work ( many of the codes offered in this succinct collection were previously contained in the old Truth Techniques II, III and IV products). The product includes an entire set of flashcards that you can cut out and keep with you for convenient use at any time.
Pages: 58 PDF/Digital eBook which can be downloaded to as many devices as desired.
  • 10 Multipurpose Codes including: Profound Love, Trauma, Discontinuity, Ho’oponopono, and Creating an Energy Shield.
  • 144 Codes for Physical Issues including: Acne, Addictive Craving, Adrenaline, Antibiotic Residue, Arterial Disease, Bacterial Infection, Hidden Bacteria, Bites/Stings, Bladder Infection, Bloating, Blocked Spinal Alignment, Clearing Reactions, Constipation, Daily Energy Balancing, Digestive Valves, Dizziness/Dehydration, Dyslexia, Endorphin, Exhaustion, Fluid Retention, Flu (or Cold) Virus, Fungal Issues, Gallbladder Cleanse, Hangover, Head/Neck, Headaches, Heartburn/Acid Reflux, Heart Strengthening and Balancing, Hemorrhoids, Herpes Outbreak, Histamine Reaction, Hormone Balancing, Immune System Booster, Incomplete Treatments, Inflammation, Insomnia, Insulin Balancing, Internal Fluids, Jet Lag, Liver Cleanse, Mold Exposure, Motion Sickness, Muscle Tension, Neurotransmitters, Pain, Parasites, Periodontal Disease, Pesticide Exposure, Poison Oak/Ivy Exposure, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Rattlesnake Bite, Shingles, Stimulating Detoxification Pathways, Steroids, Stye (Eye), Sunburn, Vaccination Residues, Virus, Hidden Virus, Warts and X-Ray Exposure.
  • 59 Codes for Emotional Issues including: Anger, Anxiety, Bitterness, Blocks to Forgiveness, Blocks to Being Able to Visualize Yourself Healed or Loved, Blocks to Peak Performance, Body Image Distortion, Depression/Sadness, Disgust, Embarrassment, Fear, Feeling Overwhelmed, Grief, Guilt, Hatred, Jealousy, Neurotransmitters, Obsessive Thoughts, Pain-Emotional, Panic, Phobia, Rage, Reaction to Someone Else’s Energy Field, Resentment, Self-Loathing/Hatred, Self-Sabotage, Shame, and Stress Reaction.
  • 19 Codes for Toxin Sensitivities including: Clearing Reactions, Contactant Toxins, Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), General Toxin Clearing, Ingestant Toxins (Food Sensitivities), Inhalant Toxins, Injectant Toxins, People’s Toxic Energy, and Residues from Toxins.
  • Bonus: 138 Printable Code Cards containing every code found within this eBook. These cards can be photocopied onto the paper/stock of choice, and are provided in a duplicate and separate PDF for easy processing.  This file can be downloaded and printed as often as needed. Never be without QT Universal Codes again.
  • Extra Bonus: With the purchase of this product, you also receive mp3 audio files of the original Truth Techniques II, III and IV created by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel.