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Stress Relief Exercise

This is a good exercise to do at the end of the day. It helps to keep you from bringing your stress from the day to bed with you and waking up with it again in the morning.

Simple Qi Gong Exercise
Qi Gong helps to keep your Qi moving – your vital life energy.

You can do this exercise standing, sitting or laying down.

Imagine roots like on a tree growing out from your feet into the ground.

Position your hands about 2-4 inches out from the body just below the belly button, palms facing the body. Elbows are out. For females, right palm is closest to the body. For males left palm is closest to the body.

Now gently move the right hand up for females. For males move the left hand up. As you do this imagine energy moving up the back of the spine. When you get to the top of the head. The hand turns and comes down the body as you imagine the energy of the body coming down the spine.

As you make the turn at the top of the head, the other hand starts to move the energy up the spine.

So the hands are moving energy up the back of the spine and down the front in a flowing fashion.

Now add the breathing. As your right hand moves energy up the back of the spine you inhale, (inhale into the abdomen, like you are blowing up a balloon) as it moves the energy down the front you exhale, like deflating the balloon.)

This cycle continues like a loop.

Do this for a few minutes, if need be you can count the cycles to 30 or more.

Then re-position hands out just below the belly button.

Now inhale and bring arms out, hands open and imagine all kinds of good healing energy entering your body and collecting in that spot just below the belly button.

Exhale as you move your arms together and imagine any blockages, illness, discomfort leaving your body. Imagine it like little rockets bursting out from the sick areas and disappearing. Imagine the stress from the day bursting out and leaving your body.

Continue this pattern for a few minutes or to a count of 12.

Now rest hands on the spot just below the belly button and use relaxed breathing. Imagine a ball of energy in that spot just below the bellybutton. Imagine a ball of energy in the heart chakra area. Now imagine that these two move this energy ball back and forth between the heart and lower area.

Do this exercise for a couple minutes.

Then repeat this code 2 times through.

Sh, 3rd eye, eb, un, th, forehead, liver, c, g50, if, g50, c, 3rd eye, 9g, thymus, ch, liver, if, un, g50, throat, back of heart, thymus, lf, un, eb, sh, liver, c, e, g50, a, 9g, 9g,
forehead, crown, back of head, back of throat, back of heart, back of solar plexus, crown, halo, crown, forehead, crown, forehead, throat, heart, solar plexus, pelvis, tailbone, crown, tailbone, crown, crown.

Repeat this code 2 times through (spend a minute to think about the stress first) then let it go.

Repeat this code 3 times per day.

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