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Swine Flue Code

In response to client questions and concerns regarding the swine flu, we have developed two treatment codes to clear the energetic frequency of this flu. We have created these codes based on the energy of swine flu per a microscopic picture of the virus and scanning two people’s fields who have the virus.  These codes balance the immune pathways in the body, increase brain-organ communication, balance vulnerable organs, and clear fear, including old fear from past health scares and pandemics.  This is also intended to balance the fear in the world regarding the economic crisis, which increases the world’s vulnerability to a health scare such as this.  We are recommending that you test to see which code is most helpful and read this code with the intention of clearing this virus for people in specific geographical areas around the world.  If you are unable to self-test, please read both codes while holding this healing intention.

1. sh, if, eb, e, sh, eb, e, if, eb, e, liv, sh, if, g50, eb, e, sh, if, e, eb, e, mf, lf, sh, if, eb, e, oe, a, c, 9g, un, sh, un.

2. sh, e, g50, sh, g50, sh, eb, e, g50, sh, if, e, mf, lf, liver, third eye, g50, sh, g50, sh, g50 sh, eb, e, g50, sh, if, oe, a, c, 9g, un, sh , un, standard chakra pattern #2, two times.

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