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Your Immune System

I’m Jody King-Colegrove with Quantum Techniques. Winter is not that far away. Many people like to call winter the flu season, but it’s really not; it’s more like immune deficiency season. In preparation for this upcoming season, there are several things that you can do to help strengthen your immune system, other than getting a flu shot, which can negatively impact you.

Many things contribute to the health of our immune system. When we’re indoors, we have much more opportunity to be exposed to various viruses and bacteria, and also inhalants, that can impact our system. We are missing fresh air and vitamin D from the sun, and those things combined, decrease the efficiency of our immune systems so that they don’t function up to par. Sure enough, last holiday season, both my husband and son came down with the flu and I was working overtime to keep them well.

When someone gets something like the flu, we use QT to test to find the location of the virus, where it entered the body, and what organs are being affected. Then we have to clear it and make sure that the body’s immune system is functioning at it’s optimal level. We can test this on a scale of 1 to 10, and of course, we’re hoping for a 10, and if it’s something less than that, we need to work to increase efficiency. Someone with the flu is processing sludge on a daily basis; sometimes the body removes it, and sometimes it doesn’t. One of the things that we test are the immune pathways and if they are not online they will not be able to process and remove the sludge. Once they are all online, they should be able to handle eliminating the flu.

Elderberry is an herb that is very helpful for your immune system when you have the flu, along with echinacea, goldenseal and vitamin C. Taking probiotics helps the gut flora to stay balanced, and spices that you can ingest to help your immune system include garlic, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. Don’t get any ideas – even though these are some of the ingredients of gingerbread cookies, I’m not promoting eating them to combat the flu!

It’s always good to keep your immune system as healthy as possible. If you want to find out whether your immune system is functioning at an optimal 10, or whether it’s low and susceptible to getting a virus or bacteria, check us out at If you’d like to give your immune system a quick check up, complete a session request form and we’d be happy to work with you. Immune systems can function at a low level due to physical issues – both my husband and my son were exposed to inhalants and that negatively affected functioning of their immune systems – or emotional issues like trying to deal with family situations or holiday stress. Those are the kinds of things that we can clear and help your immune system get back on track.

Hopefully you can avoid the flu during the upcoming season! Blessings.

About The Author

Jody King Colegrove is a Certified Practitioner in Gold Standard EFT (ACP-EFT) and is a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Jody teaches people how to take care of their health and happiness.

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