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Chocolate Can Support Your Mitochondria

I’m Dr. Dave from Quantum Techniques and I come to you today with good news for chocolate lovers! Many of us enjoy chocolate but are concerned about the sugar content. I am going to look at this topic from the perspective of mitochondria. Mitochondria are the parts of the cell that generate the energy that fuel development of our bodies – adenosine triphosphate is the basic energy source that runs everything in the body. As we age the number of mitochondria reduce, the efficiency of the mitochondria reduce, and that’s a major part of the aging process. Some people think that cancer is a mitochondrial failure. People think that heart failure is a mitochondrial failure. Many people feel that all disease is mitochondria failure.

Mitochondria is a key aspect of health. Many people are familiar with CoQ10, magnesium, creatine, alpha-lipoic acid, L-carnitine, resveratrol, some of the other things that are normally used to maintain healthy mitochondria. I’d like to introduce to you what I think will be perhaps another source of interest and excitement, and that is PQQ. It stands for pyrroloquinoline quinone. Just call it PQQ. You’ll be hearing much more about PQQ in the near future – it protects the nerves; it generates nerve growth; and it generates mitochondrial regeneration – all of which relate to the aging process.

The fascinating thing about PQQ is that it is far more present in cocoa powder than anything else that I have ever seen. It’s 800 milligrams per kilo in cocoa powder. In breast milk it’s about a fifth of that; in natto, which is a fermented form of soy, it’s about a tenth of that amount in cocoa powder. Any other things in which PQQ is found, the levels are about 1/20th of what you have in cocoa powder. Without having to load up on sugar, I would encourage you to take cocoa powder, and add some Stevia or some Lakanto, one of the non-insulin stimulant sweeteners, or natural sweeteners. This can really be a tasty treat for smoothies or your probiotic formulas. By consuming PQQ found in cocoa powder, you can have a tasty chocolate treat and at the same time stimulate nerve growth and protection, and enhance mitochondrial growth.

I wish you good health!

About The Author

Dr. Kirkpatrick has always wanted his energy and spiritual work to be grounded in reality and has presented in various forums on the topic of the positive interplay of science and spirituality. Much of his training has been based on some understanding of quantum physics.

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