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Level One Written Exam




Skills needed: Testing for toxins

  • Testing for pathogens
  • Building a code
  • QT Release Technique
  • Ability to run scans from Evolution Series Volumes 3, 5, and 6

Qualifications to take exams:

Purchase & be proficient at the following digital downloads:

☐ Truth Techniques

☐ Basic Foundations

☐ Reconnection and Physical Scan (Evolution Series Vol. 3)

☐ QT Release Technique Teleclinics

☐ Chronic Illness Teleclinics

☐ Advanced QT Trauma Scan and Treatment (Evolution Series Vol. 5)

☐The Seat of Consciousness Scan (Evolution Series Vol. 6)

☐ Minimum of 2 months of QT Elite Mentoring program to be attended after both written and verbal exams passed.


We recommend purchasing Truth Techniques and mastering one of the self-testing methods presented prior to purchasing and learning the other products listed.

The written test must be completed with a passing score before taking the verbal exam.

Once you have purchased this product, you will receive an order confirmation email which contains the link to the exam.

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