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Level Two Written Exam




Skills needed:

  • Ability to run scans from Evolution Series Volumes 1, 2 and 4
  • Use of Multidimensional Scan
  • Use of Miasm Scan & Detoxification Support Layer
  • Umbrella Scan
  • All skills needed for Level 1: Proficient

Qualifications to take exams:

☐ Pass Level 1 exams and meet all Level 1 requirements

☐ The Curtain Scan (Evolution Series Vol. 1)

☐ The Cell Surface Receptor Scan (Evolution Series Vol. 2)

☐ Advancements in the Evolution Series  (Evolution Series Vol. 4)

☐ Teleclinics: QT Symptom Intentions, Frozen Emotional

Fields, and Understanding Spiritual Attachments

☐ Miasm Scan & Detoxification Support Layer *****another item to be added to store.

☐ Umbrella Scan *******another item to be added to store

☐ Three case studies as mentioned below

☐ Minimum of 4 months of QT Elite in the one year period from the purchase date. To be attended after passing both written and verbal exams.


  1. Written test. This test must be completed with a passing score before taking the verbal exam.
  1. Demonstration of knowledge of running a scan with Dr. Daniel to be completed after receiving a passing grade on the written test. 80% or above required to pass (combination of both exams).
  1. Three written case studies with completion of Session Notes form provided by QT. Must have worked with the clients at least three times. Case studies can be submitted up to 6 months after passing the Level 2 Verbal Exam.
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