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Quantum Techniques Foundations

The best form of healing is to remove whatever is hindering the body from healing itself and to give it access to its own healing codes.

Perhaps the biggest struggle when suffering from chronic emotional or physical disorders is gaining access to a healing method that addresses the reason WHY the body and mind have failed to heal themselves. Quantum Techniques(QT) addresses the bioenergetic system where all the healing codes are stored and communicated to the body.

QT asks the body to reveal the codes or frequencies that are needed for the healing of each dysfunctional organ or system. The client is, then, coached to give the body back these codes at specific body energy location points in order to initiate the healing process.

We believe that our bodies are designed to self-heal, and that the Divine has placed a healing frequency into each cell of our bodies. The bodies of those experiencing illness have lost access to that data. At Quantum Techniques, we have found a way to dialogue with the body’s energy field to elicit that frequency and give it back to the body through a universal language of body point locations using meridian and chakra points.

Scientist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. has described how the body is digital in nature. It either codes and prepares for danger i.e. fear/protection, or love/healing. Unless the traumas, beliefs, and emotions locking the body into a fear state are addressed, healing will not be permanent. The healing codes in QT address these issues. The codes, as well as the use of the Profound Love Code and affirmation, put the body into a profound healing state.

Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., in Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Warfare writes (p. xvi):
It is well known that placing colloidal particles of silver into a beaker of water that contains bacteria will kill the bacteria. What is not so well known is.physical contact between the bacteria and the silver is not a necessary condition for killing the bacteria; it is the specific information pattern inherent in the silver atom and not the physical contact that is killing the bacteria.

Lynne McTaggart in The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, describes a research experiment which shows that it is the FREQUENCY, not the chemical properties, that affect healing (p. 68).

A researcher named Benveniste was able to digitalize the frequency of the blood thinner drug, heparin. He sent this digitalized information in an email from Europe to the U.S. Using a computer with a sound card, this frequency was played into a beaker of water. When that water was injected into the isolated hearts of guinea pigs, it had the same clinical effect as injecting the drug itself.

Someday your M.D. will send you an email with the frequency of your medication to play to your body. This will avoid the severe side effects and complications that come from the crude chemical properties of medications. This is what QT does today with healing frequencies through our codes. The medicine of the future is here now, with Quantum Techniques.

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