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The Value of Self Testing

In all life decisions, whether about your health, foods, or relationships, you need to know your unconscious truth. No healer or doctor will ever know more about your body’s needs and health than your body knows itself. In QT, we highly encourage you to master the techniques in Truth Techniques so that you can be as independent as possible. In learning these simple techniques, you save yourself from the number one cause of death in America (properly prescribed medications) and take full charge and responsibility for your health and life decisions.

Everyone with a chronic illness has toxic foods and products they need to avoid for healing. Your choice is to call us each time, or learn to test yourself. Before we created Truth Techniques, many environmentally ill clients would call and test all their foods for the week, every week. Many clients would stock up on supplies when Dr. Daniel was going out of town and not leave their home until he returned. Now, they can be free of this dependency.

In addition, when something new comes up, a person who learns to self-test can most often discover the new toxin or the new issue involved, and then simply add that information into their current treatment. This allows them to get 10 times more healing out of each individual treatment.

Our goal in QT is to teach you to heal yourself. We are working hard to create other training CDs with that in mind. However, we will always be here when you get stuck. Many of our clients have had amazing results by learning to use self-testing for others. They are able to practice QT themselves by giving the QT Universal Codes in our manuals to friends, family and pets with depression, trauma, virus, bacteria, and more. It is wonderful to be able to help those you love and know there is no risk involved.

Another key component of healing is getting 100% of your internal team on board. How can you know if 100% of your team wants to heal, pursue a relationship, pursue a job, or lose weight if you can’t talk to your team and hear back? Every client with chronic illness has significant parts work to do. Self-testing allows you to dialogue with your internal parts to discover what you need to do for your healing. This work allows you to heal those issues without reliving or remembering old pain and trauma. By using the material and techniques in the parts manual, and the QT trauma code or EFT code, people can do most of that healing work on their own. They only need to call us when they get stuck. Many, many physical symptoms are caused by internal parts trying to signal you to look inside and heal. Chasing symptoms with medication or even natural treatments will not be successful until you address the healing of your internal parts.

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