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Bioenergetic Testing

What Is Bioenergetic Testing?
People have basically two options in health care. They can choose a type of health care that covers up or suppresses the symptoms, or they can choose an intervention that seeks out the cause of the problem. With the latter method the reason for the failure of the immune system is addressed so that the body can heal itself as intended by the Divine.

The question is how to assess the root of the problem. Most tests merely identify and quantify the symptoms of the problem. By using bioenergetic testing, one can identify the body’s stress reactions to various domains.

Dr. Savely Yurkovsky uses a resonant bioenergetic testing method that is different from QT. Nonetheless, he agrees that, “Bioenergetic testing is, in my opinion, the most sensitive single diagnostic tool that exists in the world today.”

He further states so eloquently: I must tell from my own personal experience in reviewing the great body of literature that exists in the world today in various countries on the subject of bioenergetic testing, that when properly performed, it is far superior to any diagnostic modality that exists today in the world. It is far superior, in my opinion, to any blood, laboratory, or imaging techniques in the sense of the depth of the penetration that these tests are capable of and their ability to register even minute deviation in bio-cellular fields that take place on the cellular, sub-cellular, and intracellular structures, including the DNA.

One might have the correct combination of chemicals, vitamins, minerals, water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc., but none of these function properly when there is miscommunication within the body’s energy field.

For example, every diabetic has miscommunication about their insulin. A client with multiple sclerosis always has miscommunication about their myelin sheath. With chronic PMS and menopausal symptoms, the body has miscommunication, therefore rejection, of its hormones. QT addresses this core issue by re-instituting proper recognition and communication within the body.

Dr. Yurkovsky points out that Chinese medicine has taught a variety of techniques for the last 5000 years, confirmed by the latest discoveries of modern science, that, “The normal energy flow in a person’s body carries a primary role for his or her proper maintenance of physiology and homeostasis.”

All health issues follow the energetic path like a row of dominoes follows the first domino. Using non-toxic and non-invasive corrections of the energy system for healing, the absolute bottom line root cause of the problem can be corrected – the first ‘domino.’

When working with the body’s energy system, one is simply removing barriers to the body healing itself as it was designed to do with miraculous efficiency. All health problems have a toxic or aberrant frequency in the involved cells. A healthy liver cell has a different frequency than a diseased liver cell in the same person. If the unhealthy frequency can be changed to a healthy frequency and maintained, the cell will heal and become a positive force to all surrounding cells.

This is the goal of energy medicine.

Energy Medicine Versus Current Mainstream – A Comparison
Reductionistic (Western) Medicine takes a complex set of components and reduces them to simple terms. This leads to the development of a synthetic chemical that is reduced from a complex natural source to its key ingredients, with the hope of achieving pharmacological success. In doing so, the support structure built into the natural source is eliminated.

One example is that of Valerianaccae, from which Valerian tea is made. This naturally occurring part of a plant has been used for thousands of years to induce sleep and decrease stress. Reductionistic medicine sought the key ingredient from the plant and created synthetically derived Valium. The use of the synthetic Valium resulted in serious side effects, and society has had to deal with a significant number of Valium toxicity cases. The synthetic reductionistic process thought to be a solution caused a significant social problem. This process robs the Valerian tea of synergistic components such as vitamins, minerals, and trace elements needed to balance the naturally occurring reaction in the body. Over 30 clinics have been established in America to deal with Valium addictions. Valium toxicity has become one of the greatest chemically induced diseases known, and yet there are no medical records anywhere in the world documenting any Valerian tea toxicity or overdose.

Quantum Techniques corrects health problems synergistically. The QT process simply seeks to identify and eliminate problems in the body’s energy system that are preventing the body from healing itself as it was designed by the Divine to do. We receive all of our information from the body (not a standardized manual) and we do nothing invasive. Reductionistic (traditional) methods seek to find the malfunction and force the desired symptom reduction. This is usually accomplished through cutting, burning, or poisoning.

The point is further expounded on by Dr. Yurkovsky
I have never seen anyone completely cured of chronic infection by pursuing and treating exclusively the biological agent either through pharmaceutical or homeopathic remedy because biological agents do not make people sick in the first place. But people who acquire biological agents and retain them on a chronic basis are already sick, and that is the reason they fall prey to the biological agent. Classical medical treatments skip the deeper, more fundamental layer, which stems from the fact that the person’s lymphatic system, immune organs, organs which constitute the reticular interferial system, are polluted and invaded by pernicious environmental factors especially heavy metals and are not able to compensate or detoxify perhaps because of generational weaknesses or miasmatic phenomenon or lifestyle deficiencies as poor diet high refined products, alcohol, deficient sleep, emotional problems, or excessive stress. One cannot focus on just one pernicious agent, but must strengthen the immune organs.

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