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The Role of Energy Reversals in Healing

What does “Energy Reversal” mean? The term “Energy Reversal” simply means that a person’s energy is flowing in the opposite direction than it normally would be. This term can also mean that the person’s “meridian” energy is flowing in a counterclockwise rotation, opposite of the norm. In a state of energy reversal, the body’s healing process becomes severely impaired. The best example of an energy reversal and its effects on healing is that of a broken bone. When an energy reversal is present, the electrical polarity of the bone shifts the energy flowing toward the ends of the bone instead of the center. This leads to what is known as a non-union fracture (a single bone that heals in two separate parts). There are numerous medical studies describing bone repair using electrically charged magnets that prove energy reversal’s effects on healing are real.

There can be many causes of “Energy Reversals”. The most common cause is toxic exposure. These exposures usually come in the form of an inhalant toxin, contactant toxin, injectant toxin, an internal toxin released from a pathogen, or an ingestant toxin. Common examples of inhalant and contactant toxins are smoke fumes, cleaning chemicals, personal hygiene products, tree pollens, and mold spores. Injectant toxins result from any toxin that penetrates the outer skin layer. This can result from a bite of any kind, needle injections, cuts, scrapes, and burns. Internal toxin exposures most commonly result from an internal pathogen, such as bacterial or parasitic infections that release toxic waste into the body. Ingestant toxins are caused by ingestion of a food or medication that the body identifies as toxic. When a person is exposed to a particular toxin to which they are sensitive, an energy reversal can occur. This means that the toxic exposure has shifted their energy to a state where healing is no longer possible.

One of the more important concepts of “Energy Reversals” is that the same toxins do not reverse everyone. For example, a particular person’s energy may reverse when in the presence of a particular perfume. That same scent may have absolutely no effect on another person. This means that the perfume was an energy toxin for the first person and not the second. However, there are some toxins that almost everyone seems to react to, one of these is fabric softener. Many fabric softeners can cause a quick reversal of one’s energy field and thus should be avoided.

Energy reversals associated with toxin exposure can be corrected simply by removing the toxin from one’s energy field. This may mean removing a particular food from one’s diet or stopping the use of a particular product like perfume or fabric softener. In many cases, however, with proper treatment, an energy toxin can become a neutral substance to the body. This means the person can be exposed to the substance that was formerly a toxin without a sensitivity reaction or energy reversal.

Physical toxins are not the only things that can create energy reversal in the body. Another common cause of reversals can be destructive thought patterns. This can include extreme emotions of anger, sadness, fear, guilt, etc. In this case the client needs to address their emotions in order to correct the reversal. What does this mean? It means that these emotions need to be released from one’s body on an energetic level in order to restore normal energy flow.

Our belief at Quantum Techniques is that all energy toxins are trauma based. Complete and permanent healing of these energy toxins usually requires healing old trauma fields. The process of identifying and clearing a substance that is an energy toxin can be complicated and can involve several aspects. In order to fully clear a particular substance from being registered as an energy toxin to the body, all associated aspects must be addressed. Determining these aspects can be difficult on a conscious level but can be easily accessed through the use of proper self-testing techniques.

Quantum Techniques believes energy reversals are real and must be addressed in order to heal chronic illness. Learning how to self-test is the best way to identify and treat energy reversals. These techniques can be learned through Truth Techniques.

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