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Why Work With The Body’s Energy System?

Atoms are electrical particles made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons. All herbs, vitamins, medications, and healing products are made up of atoms. Hence, they are all electrical and each produces its own unique frequency. (Everything electrical MUST have an electrical frequency!) Therefore, all healing of ANY kind involves energy.

What’s more, energy seems to be the primary issue. Every cell in our body MUST have energy or it dies, even if the tissue, bones, blood, and chemicals are all fine. String Theory, (the newest hope for a unified theory of matter), states that everything (rocks, air, or body tissue) is made of tiny strings of energy, each with its own unique frequency.

Savely Yurkovsky, M.D., founder of  Field Control Therapy (FCT) stated that the energetic domain is the most fundamental in the regulation of homeostasis and is the true source of health and disease. He notes that we cannot have disease without first having an energetic disturbance in the cells and organs, which renders the energy flow ineffective.

Yurkovsky further states that there are three predominant regulating domains in the human body, all of which are energetic in nature:

  • Electromagnetic
  • Electric
  • Biochemical
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