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Biology of Belief

In his video, “The Biology of Belief”, cell biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. describes how the body is digital in nature. It either codes and prepares for danger i.e. fear/protection, or love/healing. The greater the percentage of the body’s cells that are in protect mode, the less is available for growth and healing. He clearly shows how our beliefs shape and change our DNA. The body’s cells have antenna that receive messages from the environment and our brain. When we focus on fear, our body goes into a defense mode and becomes sympathetic dominant. When this occurs, blood supply is diverted out of the viscera and frontal brain and into the large muscles of the legs and arms and into the primitive or instinctual hind brain.

The body is extremely efficient and practical, if a person is responding to the environment as if being chased by a tiger, the body doesn’t believe it is important to waste energy thoroughly digesting food, or supporting the immune system against viruses, bacteria, internal parasites, etc. It is focused on moving quickly and instinctively versus rationally. Therefore, in the fear state, blood flow is reduced to the frontal cortex and shifted to the more primitive hindbrain. If, because of our beliefs, this becomes a chronic state, then our digestion and immune function becomes drastically compromised as less and less energy is available to support these functions. Eventually the cell membrane begins changing the DNA and only coding for those proteins that support protective functions. It becomes critical that we find a way to put the majority of the body’s cells into a love/healing mode, focusing on love versus fear. In doing this we will quickly move the body into a parasympathetic mode which supports digestion, immune function, etc. Cancer cells are basically cells which have not ‘felt’ supported by the body and have broken off communication and are now operating independently of the good of the body.

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