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How to Enhance Your Healing

Learn to self-test (especially for chronic cases)
Buy Truth Techniques and master self-testing. You can return it within 30 days for any reason. This will allow you to save 75-90% of the cost of your therapy. We want to equip you to be your own best healer. We are only your guides. We teach you how to do much of the work as we help your body find its healing codes.

Stay off of foods that have tested as toxic until they test as okay to eat.
This also includes limiting foods that test as challenging or present as dietary intolerance. Following these food principles allows the body to save energy that would otherwise be used to process a food or supplement that challenges the digestive system. This allows energy in the body to be redistributed to other parts of the body that need this energy for healing.

Be willing to accept that your perceptions and emotions are powerful enough to affect your DNA and impact your healing.
This does not mean that it is “all in your head”. We will need to address your blocking beliefs and perceptions that are trauma-based for full healing. Cancer patients rarely heal completely and permanently from cancer without a profound change in world view. This is true of most people with severe chronic illness. It is critical to learn to love yourself and your life with 100% agreement internally. Learn to live every moment of your life as a celebration, even the seemingly difficult moments. Your perceptions and beliefs about yourself, others and the world must change if you are to heal from any chronic illness. Most of these perceptions and beliefs were in previous generations, in utero and before the age of 5 and now are largely unconscious. Quantum Techniques allows you to heal and correct these without remembering the past trauma.

Learn to accept that your body is capable of healing itself.
With the beliefs of today’s Western medicine philosophies, it is currently taught that healing requires something from outside of the body, the most common thing, a drug of some type. Learning to let go of this belief and accepting the belief that you were born with everything you needed to live a healthy life, will help clear healing blocks that prevent your body from healing itself.

Set Healthy Boundaries.
Learning how to set healthy boundaries is critical to help bring healing to many chronic health issues, especially with conditions such as Environmental Illness. A major part of this issue is learning that it is okay to say “No,” something with which many chronic illness sufferers struggle. This not only includes respecting your own boundaries but also learning to respect the boundaries of others around you.

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